Collett #2 Referral (Exterior)

  • Before-Back Deck
    After-Back Deck
    Before Back Deck After
  • Before-Back Yard
    After-Back Yard
    Before Back Yard After

Location: Lower Mission, Kelowna

The Challenge:

With a newly renovated interior, the square footage was small and the family recognized the value of outdoor living. To take advantage of the warm Okanagan weather, they decided to bring the indoors out by adding almost 2,000 square feet of their lifestyle essentials. Their goal was to provide a safe surrounding for their son and to offer an extension of their home for their personal culinary passion and entertaining. The original yard was small and shaded. There was a narrow, high maintenance wooden deck surface and the yard surrounded with time-consuming gardens. One small window was offered from the kitchen to deck.


The Solution:

A pass-through kitchen window was incorporated into the design off the bar/outdoor kitchen area making the transition from indoors out open and inviting.

A cozy covered living room area in front of a magnificent handcrafted stone fireplace was created. We blended rockwork on both interior and exterior surfaces for visual continuance. An elevated stamped concrete deck enclosed with a visually appealing low railing was created for reduced maintenance and long durability. We covered the living room area with a clear polycarbonate roof system to make it usable in inclement weather. Numerous indoor features were incorporated, i.e.: chandeliers, television, antique bar stools from a 60’s dinner, speakers on deck and around perimeter of pool/yard to give an in-home feeling.

A remote controlled, retractable cover strong enough for adults to walk across was installed on the pool for safety, peace-of-mind and convenience. Keeping with the integrity of the Cape Cod design The Cape Cod theme of the house was kept throughout the design.

MS Budd had previously done a complete residential interior renovation. The interior included living room, dining room, power room, office, kitchen, master bed room/ensuite and 2nd bathroom + 2 bedrooms and office.


Silver Tommie Award by the Canadian Home Builders Association for ‘Excellence in Outdoor Living Space’