Oyama Lake

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Location: Oyama, BC

One man, one chain saw and 300 hours of bull strength & skill. That’s what it took to change the dark interior of this home without a view into an inviting warm and welcoming space. Plus a crew of dedicated trades to achieve the desired results our client was looking for. The idea was to bring the outdoor space of this magnificent property indoors. The results, astonishing!

The original design of this 40-year-old log home had no real thought for the stunning views on the property. There was one small window in the living room facing the incredible lake view. Poor lighting was evident throughout the home. An enormous inefficient stone fireplace took up much of the space on the main floor wall. The kitchen was dark and dated.

The challenges came in many forms.

  • Numerous structural considerations when removing small windows to replace with the now magnificent low UV windows and doors. Knowing where to cut into the logs to ensure we didn’t glance the wiring. Dealing with varying sized logs. Using a chainsaw and grinder to shape each opening. Finding a window/door style that would suit the style of home. Shaping the opening to make the windows/doors fit accurately. All challenges met successfully.
  • Lighting was poor and inefficient with thick dark wood ceilings doubling as the floorboards above. We painted them with 4 coats of white paint to bring openness to the overall space. To maintain the style of the home, we preserved the log beams throughout. We created channels to run the wiring through for LED lighting bringing a warm glow into the rooms.
  • A huge inefficient stone fireplace was replaced with two high efficiency wood stoves strategically positioned in the home for best heat circulation and better use of space.
  • Dated tiling throughout was replaced with coordinating hardwood finished with environmentally friendly oil.
  • Kitchen cabinets and countertops were updated with a contemporary polished design adding space and functionality.
  • The exterior logs were sandblasted and re-stained and new fascia boards added to compliment the new windows and doors.

Silver Tommie Award – Excellence in Residential Renovations $100,000-$250,000