Talbot Addition

  • Before-Exterior View
    After-Exterior View
    Before Exterior View After

Location: Oyama, BC

The You Tube Generation. Millennials. We know who they are. In today’s unaffordable housing market, it’s virtually impossible for this generation to buy into without financial support from family. With some creative financing the young family was able to invest in the property and home to secure their future as well as be financially responsible with a mortgage. This family’s 26-acre ranch was an ideal place for a young family to call home and provided the potential to assist their aging parents as time passes. But there were roadblocks to building a second detached home on the property. They were allowed to build providing the home was attached to the existing house. MS Budd Construction found an innovative way for this family to stay close.

  • The addition was designed/constructed in a way that is visibly seamless by keeping the exterior components the same.
  • The new home interior is a complete contrast to the main home reflecting the taste and style of the young family.
  • A guest room with private full bath brings access to both homes and is shared on the main level. On the basement level, a bathroom and mechanical room are shared functioning for both homes. They are completely private yet connected.
  • The main house was occupied while under construction thus created some challenges. Existing services had to be maintained for the owners of the main house. Electric, heat and plumbing are joined allowing for cost-savings. We reclaimed the doors and windows from the existing house wall and utilized them in the new home.
  • Numerous items were used from other construction projects and sourced from second hand stores for the interior of the home i.e.: bathroom vanity in the ensuite is a reclaimed dresser, powder room vanity was salvaged and built from two 6”x6” cedar columns, dining room table was built from a glulam beam.
  • Environmental consideration, we installed energy efficient windows and built 6-foot hangings over all windows. Foam insulating was used for maximum efficiency; hydronic in-floor heating system was installed and is controlled within the home’s environment.

Silver Tommie Award – Excellence in Creating an Interior Feature // Innovation in a Home